press release

HOLIDAY VIDEO (9 min, 2004, DVD) is a recording in which the authors uncompromisly assess artists and curators on the Slovak scene (mostly men) as possible sexual objects. The whole dialogue takes place within intimate yet everyday and homey surroundings. In the piece, two women openly and self-consciously objectify men, rating and judging their sex appeal and visual attractiveness, adopting criteria usually employed by men to rate women. A close musical community, composed of mutually known people, can be particularly stung by the spiciness and almost rudeness of this piece.

PORN VIDEO (1 min 9 sec, 2004, DVD) is an imitation of a heterosexual pornographic video with the main roles played by the authors themselves. Frequent changes in sexual positions place both artists in the role of man and woman during sexual intercourse. The video formally attempts to maintain the aesthetics of a porn film – the soundtrack, audible groans, exaggerated movements and the overall surroundings suggest the atmosphere of popular and stereotyped XXX movies. As the actresses remain fully clothed in everyday clothes during the passionate act, “Porn video” becomes a spectacular approximation of the simulation of sex.

only in german

Anetta Mona Chisa / Lucia Tkacova
Konzept: Lucia Carna