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Ângela Ferreira was born in Maputo, Mozambique, in 1958 and divides her life between South Africa and Portugal. Her dual nationality has led many curators to include her in different group shows of each country's art scene. A natural ease in negotiating issues between cultures became the background to her life. After graduating in Cape Town she moved to Lisbon and became one of the most relevant artists of the generation that came to the forefront at the beginning of the 90s. Among those artists, she was the only one who dealt with Portuguese colonial history, however the questioning of her work is not confined to local historical specificities but directs to a broader reality where the historical relationship between Western culture and peripheral or semi-peripheral ones take place under many different configurations. It is in this mixing border zone that political or ideological conflicts reveal themselves through the objects or projects belonging to a subject or a community as unexpected issues that people's desire produce to contour the overwhelming global ideology of Western late-capitalism. Since the early 1990's Ângela Ferreira’s works have paid special attention to the urbanistic processes involved in the everyday life of people and the way different cultural orders overlap therein. The effective sculptural base of her work allows her to focus on some structures related to architectural details and grasp a conflict between its use and the ideological values that they bring. This exhibition, entitled Ângela Ferreira. No Place at All, the first anthology in the artist’s career, is a major and comprehensive presentation of her work focusing on the issues related to urbanism and politics. It includes 11 works produced from 1992 to 2003 and one new project. A bilingual catalogue in Portuguese and English has been produced which numbers nearly 160 pages and comprises 2 essays: one by Pedro Lapa, an intense study of Ângela Ferreira’s work; and the other by Andrew Renton, that discovers subtle and determinant significations in her work. Nineteen works, from Sites and Services (1991-1992) to Cape Town Film Festival (2003), are represented through revised technical data, synopses and several colour images. Pressetext

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Angela Ferreira - No Place at All
Kurator: Pedro Lapa