press release

Anish Kapoor
30.06.2018 - 14.10.2018

Galleri F 15 presents its first major exhibition dedicated to the work of Anish Kapoor.

This is a comprehensive exhibition carefully curated bringing together important earlier works going back four decades from the 1980s to the present. The exhibition shows a coherent body of Kapoor’s oeuvre, with iconic work from the diverse sculptural languages he has discovered, a notable example being White Sand, Red Millet, Many Flowers (1982). This exhibition brings together these seminal works and presents Kapoor's unique aesthetic sensibility to sculptural form that has made him one of the most prolific and important artists working today.

This exhibition is not a retrospective show. However, its main purpose is research led, mapping Kapoor’s artistic journey through public and private collections both from the UK and Norway.

This exhibition captures the artist’s creative legacy, the vast complexity and materiality in scale, colour, form and tactility. In many ways the work translates a binary of visual narratives, on the one hand, Kapoor’s work reminiscent of Japanese Haiku poetry transforming deep and significant meaning into a meditative and exhilarating experience. On the other, each work enhances an ostensibly perceptive identity.

"The idea that if I empty out all the content and just make something that is an empty form, I don't empty out the content at all. The content is there in a way that is more surprising than if I tried to make a content." –Anish Kapoor

Our last solo exhibition at Gallery F 15 was by the renowned artist Edvard Munch in 2016. We believe that Anish Kapoor is a worthy successor. Edvard Munch became a world famous artist during 1912 at the Sonderbund art exhibition in Cologne similar to Anish Kapoor with his outstanding inaugural exhibition at the Venice Biennial during 1990. Both artists have a common international presence and also the ability through their art to give form to invisible and existential concepts in our lives.

Anish Kapoor (b.1954) is the recipient of numerous international awards, including the Turner Prize (1991), he is renowned for this public sculptures and artworks around the globe. Major permanent commissions include Cloud Gate (2004), Millennium Park, Chicago and Orbit (2012), Queen Elizabeth Park, London.

Exhibition jointly curated by Dag Aak Sveinar (Director Punkt Ø – Gallery F 15 & Momentum) & Alnoor Mitha (Senior Research Fellow Manchester Metropolitan University).

Galleri F 15
Located just 40 minutes from Oslo Central Station, Galleri F 15 boasts a beautiful parkland with view of the Oslo fjord, exhibition spaces housed in a manor building of significance and Café F 15.

The Gallery F 15 is run by Punkt Ø which also runs MOMENTUM – Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway.