press release

16.02.2020 - 19.07.2020

Ann Greene Kelly
(16.02.2020 - 14.06.2020)

Los Angeles–based artist Ann Greene Kelly (b. 1988) looks to the tradition of the readymade (common objects displayed as works of art), combining everyday items, such as mattresses and tires, with plaster, stone, and other sculptural materials. These unique combinations invest the objects with a sense of affection and understanding that is both distinctive and familiar, while simultaneously opening up new and engaging modes of sculpture. Likewise, her drawing practice explores the relationship between domestic, interior space; the urban, industrial landscape; and personal experience. This exhibition marks the artist’s first solo institutional presentation.

Ann Greene Kelly is organized by Jamillah James, Curator.

ICA LA is supported by its Curator’s Council, Fieldwork, and 1717 Collective.