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Andréhn-Schiptjenko are proud to present Anna Kleberg’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. This will mark the first exhibition of the project No. 1-8, a series of 8 images from Legoland (Billund, Denmark), taken in October 2002 and July 2003.

Legoland’s miniature landscapes of three-dimensional replicas of different kinds. Some are actual, well-known, buildings such as The Golden Pagoda in Kyoto or Ludwig II’s Bavarian castles, places and buildings that exist, even if we have not actually seen them. Others are more generic landscapes that have become part of our visual consciousness – ”L.A. Downtown”, ”airport”, ”oilrig”. These are places that we think we know and that are familiar to us through imagery, fiction and imagination rather than a physical experience of having been there.

One would think that these landscapes have been created with the help of photographs and the closed circuit photograph-model-photograph give the images an air of unfulfilled expectations. As in her earlier project Modelhouses Kleberg makes use of images marked by their emptiness. Miniatures and Lego are associated with make-believe but when contemplating them as an adult it is obvious how they have been emptied of any meaning. They have become symbols of how the creation of meaning has become passive.

The images are lambda c-print printed by Grieger, Düsseldorf, silicone mounted behind glass in a MDF-frame. The edition is 3 + 2 AP.

On the occasion of the exhibition a book is being published on Kleberg’s photographic projects of recent years – Cars, Modelhouses, Incorporated and No.1-8. The book is 140 pages (87 images) and has text by Carsten Höller, Emelie Persson and Astrid Söderbergh-Widding. Pressetext

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