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This not an entirely rhetorical question accompanies the exhibition of Anna Reinert's latest series of pictures. She continues her earlier interest in the landscape of modern architecture in these paintings. The artist presents the vision of modernist achievements in urban spaces: glass fa├žades, empty motorways, places without any specific location, fictitious in their global stylistics, notwithstanding the realism of the paintings themselves. These are both places and non-places, which can be found anywhere and nowhere. The architecture, urban spaces and interiors have been deprived of any coincidence and accidentality in their extreme functionalism. However, despite the restraint of these formally disciplined paintings, some tension has sneaked into them, emerging from the emptiness of the functionalist environment. Reinert's canvases are a rather suggestive reading of modernity and its utopias which find fulfilment in the aesthetic bias, not to say - modernist stylisation.

Anna Reinert lives and works in Sopot, Poland

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Anna Reinert
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