press release

The gallery is very excited to present Meg Webster's 17 inch "Copper Disk Sometimes Warmed by the Sun" (pictured above) as well as newly created works on paper. She is known for her post minimal and conceptual art sculptures and installations. She recently participated in the Tinguely Museum exhibit "Belle Haleine" (Basel, CH), had solo shows at the Villa Panza (Varese, Italy), and made a site specific installation for Socrates Park "Concave Room for Bees", 2016 which is still on view in Long Island City, NY.

Lars Christensen's 3 dimensional paintings and works on paper transcend Constructivism, Op Art, Minimalism. He explores color, shadows, material, gravity and stamina. Piercing the canvas with thousand holes to press acrylic paint through it, the Danish artist allows the viewer to see color in a different way. The artist will be present during the fair.

We look forward to welcoming you in Booth 502. For further information, please contact Anne Mosseri-Marlio