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American Music is Annie Leibovitz’s first exhibit to focus solely on the subject she holds closest to her heart – music. For more than 30 years, Leibovitz has photographed performers, fans, and the places where they work and live. American Music celebrates artists and traditions of the Southern States. Leibovitz and her camera have traversed many a farm road to capture both he icons and the up-and-comers of roots music: blues, gospel, jazz, and country. The images pay tribute to the richness of the rural landscape and the way in which community informs the musicians’ art. A highlight of the American Music exhibit will be an audio tour by Annie Leibovitz, who will discuss the people and places in each image. The narrative will be set against a backdrop of music clips by the numerous musicians featured in the show. The exhibition was curated by Dave Rosencrans, Experience Music Project, Seattle, in conjunction with the publication of Leibovitz’s latest book American Music, published in 2003.


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Annie Leibovitz: American Music