press release

On the day of Dorota Nieznalska’s appellation trial, two Polish non-governmental organizations active in the field of contemporary art, i.e. the Wyspa Progress Foundation and the Polish Section of AICA co-organize a debate, exhibition and screening related to the issue. It is also a moment of the first public appearance of The Freedom of Artistic Speech Commission of AICA, established last January.   The case of Dorota Nieznalska has been symptomatic for the atmosphere of ideological debate, shaking the current public life in Poland. Regardless of the unpredictable results of the trial, the initiators of the event are willing to discuss the matters of artistic expression in a group of art professionals and lawyers. The discussion may result with a legislative initiative for better protection of civil rights.


TeilnehmerInnen der Diskussion: Waldemar Baraniewski, Art History Department, University of Warsaw; Wojciech Cieslak, PhD , Penal Law Department, University of Gdansk; Lukasz Guzek, Kunstkritiker; Dorota Jarecka, Kunstkritikerin "Gazeta Wyborcza"; Grzegorz Kowalski; Grzegorz Klaman, Wyspa Progress Foundation; Dorota Monkiewicz, Kuratorin, AICA Polish Section; Agnieszka Morawinska, Zacheta Galerie, Warschau; Rafal Pelc, Office of the Commissioner for the Civil Rights Protection; Maria Anna Potocka, Kunstbunker Krakau; Monika Szewczyk, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok; Aneta Szylak, Wyspa Progress Foundation; Marek Wasilewski, "Czas Kultury"; Hanna Wróblewska, Zacheta Galerie, Warschau