press release

Indonesian-born Ari Bayuaji lives in Canada but travels all over the world as an artist. On his travels he collects material and draws inspiration for new work from cultural customs and practices. For Kunsthal Light #16 he will occupy Gallery 6 for two weeks, during which he will turn the long and narrow showcase ramp into a home for himself, visitors and passers-by. His three-dimensional sculptures, paintings, drawings and photos add up to an installation with many references to locations in the world where he has been and materials that people use to make their homes.

Indonesia and Canada play a special role in ‘No place like home’. The artist uses wooden components from old buildings in both countries to allude to his own home. Plastic, wood, metal and other everyday materials go into the creation of an installation centred on everyone’s search for their own home. Bayuaji gives his work a feeling of memory and memorial as his imagination transforms these objects into abstract installations. The associative links with the history of the material used in relation to people is a constant in his work.

“I hope that the elements of the art installation will remind people of their home, other people’s homes that they visited, or let them imagine a home they dream of having in the future as a new adventure” – Ari Bayuaji

Ari Bayuaji
After graduating in civil engineering in Indonesia, Ari Bayuaji moved to Canada, where he majored in art. Exhibitions of his work have been held mainly in Indonesia and Canada. He enjoyed an artist’s residency in Singapore in 2015.