press release

Now in its fifth year, the Pump House Gallery has established an annual showcase of work by recent art graduates from London’s top art schools. The exhibition aims to give a wider audience the opportunity to view and buy new work by some of today’s freshest and promising talent, as well as providing a launch pad for these burgeoning artists’ careers.

Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton (Visual Arts Director of Arts Council, England) Emma Dexter (Senior Curator, Tate Modern) and TomCat (Independent Curators Tom Morton and Catharine Patha) have been invited to be the selectors for this year’s Arrivals. Their vast range of experience and expertise provides three distinct professional and personal perspectives. The final selection reveals wide-ranging creative working practices and original ideas. As with most other recent graduate survey shows, the selection is dominated by painting suggesting a growing strength and renewed interest in this particular medium.

Works exhibited range from Rachel Kneebone’s exquisite porcelain works that are inspired by the seductive, mythological paintings of 18th century artist Francois Boucher to Gavin Tremlett’s large-scale figure paintings combined with technical virtuosity and skewed art historical references. In contrast Charlotte Brisland’s abstract works encapsulate the magic and visceral nature of paint whilst Laurie Simpson’s digital projection ‘My Right Side’ explores her own relationship as a woman and believer with the iconic figure of Christ. A farmers market will take place on the opening night of the exhibition, facilitated by artist duo Uddin/Elsey whose current project ‘Auto-Creative Systems’ involved cultivating an edible garden from seed.


Künstler: Charlotte Brisland, Varda Caivano, Spartacus Chetwynd, James Connelly, Idris Ali Khan, Rachel Kneebone, Jozef Koprowski, Benjamin La Pola, Laurie Simpson, Matt Stevenson, Dolly Thompsett, Gavin Tremlett, Uddin/Elsey, Jessica Warboys, Sam Windett