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The theme of the ars viva 2010/11 competition, Laboratory, seeks to explore the act of experimentation—of approaching problems in art with the systematic trial and error that, traditionally, we are used only to seeing in the context of scientific practice. The exhibition series asks: what happens when artists apply scientific methods to their work? Is it possible, when we introduce the framework of the laboratory into the artist’s studio, for the artistic process to become just as—or more—meaningful than its product? The selected ars viva 2010/11 artists Nina Canell, Klara Hobza, Markus Zimmermann and Andreas Zybach expand on the classic notion of science, make new discoveries, and perhaps, through experimentation, produce visible, tangible errors.

Canell, Hobza, Zimmermann and Zybach have been asked by SALT to also consider the site and context of the institution and its new exhibition spaces. The proposed projects include an intervention by Canell that refers to aspects of the renovation process that she experienced while on residency in Istanbul in January; reflections by Hobza on her quest to dive the length of the Bosphorus; and installations by Zimmermann and Zybach that introduce new dimensions to the spatial composition of the gallery space.

Laboratory, ars viva 2010/11 is co-organized and supported by Kulturkreis der detschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V. (Cultural Committee of German Business). Since 1953, the ars viva prize for fine arts has been awarded to promising young artists based in Germany. Each year the competition adopts a different search term that takes current tendencies in contemporary art into consideration. An intensive jury process then completes three rounds of investigation to select the awarded artists. The artists selected for ars viva 2010/11 presented their works at Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz (October 17, 2010 – January 16, 2011), and following SALT, the exhibition program will conclude at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (June 18 – October 23, 2011).

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ars viva 2010/11 - Labor/Laboratory
Kuratoren: November Paynter

Künstler: Nina Canell, Klara Hobza, Markus Zimmermann, Andreas Zybach

17.10.10 - 16.01.11 Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz
08.04.11 - 01.06.11 SALT Beyoglu, Istanbul
18.06.11 - 23.10.11 Kunstmuseum Stuttgart