press release

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Art Brut, Neuve Invention and Outsider Art running concurrently with Art Basel Miami Beach from December 3 - 8th 2003. The exhibition will be held at The Elan's Florida headquarters 2 blocks east of the Miami Beach Convention Center and 1 block south of the Bass Museum. The exhibition will feature a range of historical and contemporary work by artists working outside of the mainstream artworld, and will trace the history of this work from the early part of the last century to the present.

The term "Art Brut" (translated "Raw Art") was coined by the French artist Jean Dubuffet in 1945 to refer to the art of schizophrenics, mediums, and eccentrics, and was intended to shake up the European artworld at mid-century. "What we mean is anything produced by people unsmirched by artistic culture...So that the makers draw entirely on their own resources rather than on the stereotypes of classical or fashionable art" wrote Dubuffet.The exhibition will present the work of major artistes brut including Adolph Wölfli(1864-1930)and Hans Krüsi(1920-1995).

In 1972, British art historian Roger Cardinal introduced the term "Outsider Art", first intending it to be a direct translation of Dubuffet's term for English speaking audiences. It has since become the popularly accepted name for an expanded range of artistic expression created outside of mainstream society and the mainstream artworld. This includes the art of mental patients, prisoners, religious and social visionaries, and aesthetic mavericks from both rural and urban settings. Works by Bill Traylor, Henry Darger and Charles Dellschau will be featured in the exhibit.

In 1982, towards the end of his life, Dubuffet acknowledged a middle ground of emerging artists who were neither "outsider" nor "inside" as "Neuve Invention", or "fresh invention". In the work of these artists he recognized self-taught genius despite evidence of academic training or awareness of current art trends. This in- between category is especially relevant today, as new artists with hybrid aesthetic languages continue to emerge on the outskirts of the contemporary art world. The exhibition will present a number of cutting-edge neuve invention artists including Vahakn Arslanian, Tom Duncan, Paul Edlin, Marc Lamy, Michael Ryan and Linda Carmella Sibio.

Art Brut, Neuve Invention and Outsider Art
Ort: Elan's Florida headquarters, Miami Beach

mit Adolph Wölfli, Hans Krüsi, Vahakn Arslanian, Bill Traylor, Henry Darger, Charles Dellschau, Tom Duncan, Paul Edlin, Marc Lamy, Michael Ryan,
Linda Carmella Sibio ...