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Coinciding with Berlin’s Gallery Weekend (30/04 – 02/05/2010) Galerie Haas & Fuchs are showing current works by 26 artists that all have one thing in common: they studied under Michael Craig-Martin at the legendary Goldsmiths College in London. Now the most influential art lecturer in Great Britain, also an internationally acclaimed artist himself has selected and brought together for Galerie Haas & Fuchs works by, amongst others, Damien Hirst, Glenn Brown, Sarah Lucas, Angus Fairhurst, Fiona Rae, Angela Bulloch, Julian Opie and Thomas demand. Many of these artists were part of the Young British Artists (YBA) group of the 1990s. Michael Craig-Martin is regarded as the intellectual mentor of the YBAs who went on to bring uproar in the international art world with high profile exhibitions. Although 15 years later his former students have each gone their separate ways and now belong to the most well known and successful artists worldwide, the majority of them still emphasize the enormous influence of Craig-Martin on their artistic development.

Based upon the fundamentals learnt at Goldsmith’s, Craig-Martin’s former students all work in a variety of media, from painting to sculpture, photography, sound and installation as well as computer film. Their work is characterized both by austerity and concept, whilst also being incredibly sensory, physical, and direct. Many works deal thematically with a fascination in pushing boundaries.

The exhibition at Galerie Haas & Fuchs offers an impression of the current practice of the assembled artists: a medicine cabinet by Damien Hirst, a light based wall piece by Angela Bulloch, a minimal gloss on aluminum painting by Gary Hume. Julian Opie presents one of his recent computer generated animations, Sarah Lucas exhibits a body sculpture on a plinth and Fiona Rae shows one of her large abstract works on canvas.

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curated by Michael Craig-Martin

Künstler: Johannes Albers, Tony Bevan, Glenn Brown, Angela Bulloch, Mat Collishaw, Jessica Craig-Martin, Ian Davenport, Peter Davies, Thomas Demand, Angus Fairhurst, Liam Gillick, Mathew Hale, Damien Hirst, Paul Hosking, Gary Hume, Michael Landy, Abigail Lane, Sarah Lucas, Martin Maloney, Lisa Milroy, Julian Opie, Simon Patterson, Richard Patterson, Fiona Rae, Michael Raedecker, Michael Craig-Martin