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ARTE FIERA 2004, the international contemporary art show to be held in Bologna from 22 to 26 January 2004, has a series of important new features in store for its target audience of collectors, artists, critics and modern and contemporary art lovers. Now in its 28th edition, the show offers an outstanding panorama of international artistic creativity and each year draws larger numbers of high-quality visitors (more than 38,000 attended in 2003). ARTE FIERA 2004 will extend over an exhibit space of 30,000 square metres and feature the most important proposals of modern and contemporary art by both established and emerging young artists. ARTE FIERA caters for all artistic media, including sculpture, pictorial works, installations, videos and photography, and provides a meeting point between the world of culture and dynamic businesses. It is a privileged arena for exploring new languages, where the various expressive forms of modern and contemporary art in our century can stand side by side in perfect harmony.

The cities of art From the 2003 show onwards, ARTE FIERA aims to focus attention on the major cities of international art, beginning with Berlin. In 2004 the show will explore the cultural identity of London, one of the most multicultural and multiethnic cities in the world. The project will provide a panoramic view of the diversity and pluralism of the city’s artistic scene, now more culturally dynamic than ever. The initiative will include the participation of major London galleries along with an exhibition entitled Tales of the city (organised in cooperation with the British Council and the MA in Creative Curating at Goldsmiths College) featuring a selection of works by emerging young artists.

The Balkans – a Crossroads to the Future Artist from the Balkans will be in the spotlight at ARTE FIERA 2004. The exhibition The Balkans - a Crossroads to the Future will be the perfect opportunity to find out more about one of the culturally most dynamic and interesting areas in the world. Twenty-six emerging artists selected by Harald Szeemann will offer ARTE FIERA 2004 a unique insight into the artistic production of this newly emerging area, already a key player in the arena of international art.

Art investments and tax relief amongst the themes of ARTE FIERA 2004 What opportunities are there for investing in art in Italy? What tax benefits can be obtained? These are questions that require detailed answers, particularly in view of the complexity of current legislation. To clarify the legislative situation and to examine the potential offered by tax relief as a tool for promoting investments in art in Italy, ARTE FIERA 2004 is organising a Conference entitled Art investments and tax relief: opportunities, to be held at 10.00 a.m. on Thursday 11 December 2003 (Palazzo Mezzanotte, Congress and Training Centre – Conference Hall, Piazza Affari 6, Milan). Sector experts, collectors, professionals and representatives of the institutions will discuss the theme with the aim of establishing a common reference scenario.

Conversations on art in Bologna This now customary appointment during the five days of ARTE FIERA constitutes an open debate between international artists, curators and art critics with the participation of the public.

A city for modern and contemporary art During ARTE FIERA, Bologna is transformed into an international arena for modern and contemporary art. The boundaries of the show extend beyond the exhibition centre itself through a series of initiatives and appointments highlighting the city’s enthusiasm and vocation for art. One of the most important events to be held in the city is a major exhibition in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Bologna (from 22 January to 9 May 2004) entitled "The Nude: ideal and reality. A history from neoclassicism to the modern day". This display of more than 400 works, including many famous masterpieces, takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the history of a key genre for the art of the past two centuries. Numerous events held in the city of Bologna will increase the amount of time that visitors can devote to art, including a series of vernissages and evening openings by the main galleries. This way, visitors coming out of the Exhibition Centre will be pleasantly surprised to discover just how much the city of Bologna is able to contribute to the most important Italian tradeshow devoted to contemporary art. Bologna, November 2003 Pressetext

Arte Fiera 2004 Bologna
Edition 28
Bologna capital of modern and contemporary art