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The next ARTE FIERA, to be held in Bologna from 27 to 31 January 2005, will be completely restructured in terms of spaces and contents, as reflected by the new slogan for the event, ARTE FIERA - ART FIRST. It will offer a high quality showcase that is more representative than ever of the world of international contemporary art. Participation by the world’s leading galleries and a packed programme of exhibitions and cultural initiatives will be the characteristic features of the new ARTE FIERA – ART FIRST 2005.

As the first event of the year devoted to contemporary art, ARTE FIERA - ART FIRST 2005 will be the perfect opportunity to take stock of trends in the world of contemporary art and to discover the emerging international talents.

Alongside the most interesting international proposals, the 2005 show will also offer an exceptional overview of Italian artistic research, an area of great importance for international collectors given the current market interest in Italian art. This is demonstrated for example by the latest British and American auctions and the general market trends.

ARTE FIERA - ART FIRST 2005 will also have a completely renewed layout. Held in the large new exhibition halls, the show will meet the needs of the world of contemporary art better than ever before. In particular, it will promote a dialogue between young galleries presenting the most interesting emerging artists at an international level and the best established contemporary art galleries.

TOPICALITY Topicality will be one of the key concepts at ARTE FIERA - ART FIRST 2005, to be developed through a series of cultural initiatives. A large exhibition will be held to explore the concept of topicality through personal exhibitions of young artists selected by the world’s most prestigious contemporary art magazines. Each magazine will feature an artist it believes shows enormous potential for the future of art and will allow the public of experts and art lovers to make a personal exploration of new artistic trends. The theme of topicality will be explored at the trade fair through a calendar of meetings organised in cooperation with the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Bologna, which will feature critics, artists and curators of major events to be held in 2005, from the Istanbul and Prague Biennials to Manifesta.

AN INCREASINGLY INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK There will also be a considerable increase in international participation at ARTE FIERA – ART FIRST 2005. In 2004 more than a third of the galleries taking part were from outside Italy, and this year will see the participation of the most representative European and overseas galleries, focusing in particular on the latest artistic trends.

The galleries invited to ARTE FIERA - ART FIRST 2005 will be selected by a prestigious International Committee, including Lorenzo A. Rudolf (one of the leading international experts on art fairs) as ARTE FIERA consultant.

NEW MARKETS New markets will be another key concept. To emphasise the show’s close links to the international art scene, ARTE FIERA – ART FIRST 2005 will maintain a strong focus on newly emerging markets. The markets in the spotlight will include those of Eastern Europe, which are currently emerging strongly in the art world (the Biennials in Prague, Tirana and Istanbul clearly testify to this, while ARTE FIERA 2004 organised a major exhibition of artists from Balkan countries selected by Harald Szeemann).

MODERN ART ARTE FIERA will include an extensive area devoted to modern art, with major works by leading twentieth century artists (Modigliani, Boccioni, De Chirico, Braque, Chagall, Mirò, Klee, Max Ernst, Leger, Manzoni, Hartung, Burri, Fontana and Boetti, to mention just a few), making ARTE FIERA a unique event in the European tradeshow sector.

The visitors to the show (38,000 in 2004), comprising collectors, museum directors, curators, gallery owners, artists and art lovers, will be able to enjoy a preview of the most important offerings in the international art world in a highly innovative and well designed exhibition centre. The improved artistic contents of the event will be reflected in the innovative exhibition style adopted in the new halls, characteristics by high standards of quality and aesthetics. Large well-lit spaces, wide aisles and relaxation areas will allow visitors to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from the exhibition. Covered walkways between halls will assure ease of communication. ARTE FIERA – ART FIRST 2005 will therefore facilitate discussion and communication from a logistic standpoint, key factors in promoting growth and attention to the art market.

ORGANISATIONAL KNOW-HOW AND THE CITY OF BOLOGNA AVAILABLE TO ARTE FIERA – ART FIRST 2005 The organisational experience of BolognaFiere and its international expertise and professionalism are amongst the factors that have allowed ARTE FIERA to become one of the leading international events in its field (second only to that of Basle), renowned for the participation of the most prestigious international galleries (including Leo Castelli and Ileana Sonnabend, to mention just two leading names in the American art market). A state-of-the-art exhibition centre characterised by high standards of service, an excellent geographical location (on the main lines of communication in Europe) and the strong appeal of the city of Bologna are all factors that make a trip to ARTE FIERA a unique experience. Bologna, April 2004 Pressetext

Arte Fiera - Art First 2005