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Art Cafè (Hall 18) Words on Art Books and conversations on contemporary art. Every day Art Cafè will host meetings with critics, artists and connoisseurs in the art world. The programme includes presentations of recent releases by several publishing houses exhibiting at Arte Fiera. Meetings will include: “Kandinsky. L’astrattismo in Italia 1930 – 1950” by Luciano Caramel, Edizioni Gabriele Mazzotta ; “Shaman showman Alighiero e Boetti” by Annemarie Sauzeau, presented by Jonathan Monk and Maurizio Cattelan, edited by Art Book, which will also be showcasing “Arte dal 900” by Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois and Benjamin Buchloch, edited by Elio Grazioli, and published by Edizioni Zanichelli. Il Bulino Edizioni will present “Distici morali” by Daniele Pieroni with engravings by Carla Accardi. La Spirale 2000 will present “Partenze” together with Vittorio Sgarbi, Giampaolo Talani, Elisa Gradi, and Fabio Canessa while Michelangelo Pistoletto and Bruno Corà will host “Amare” published by Tiperti Edizioni. Also included in the programme will be presentations of recent publications by Gli Ori, Edizioni Colophon, Eidos, Italian Factory, and Hopefulmonster. A special event for public and critics alike will be the announcements of the young artists awards promoted by institutions and companies: Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2007 organized by the Ministry for Italian Universities, the now traditional Premio Furla per l’Arte, the Premio Murri Public Art, and the Premio Samp, the first edition of a painting and photography competition. Last but not least, each day will host “La parola all’oggetto”, a meeting organised by Museimpresa during which several important Italian companies like Alessi, Alinari, Barilla, Ferragamo, Martini e Rossi, and Sàfilo will give intriguing insights into “objects” that have made history.

Gallery Hall (Hall 21-22) Open Art Meetings and debates on contemporary art issues Now a tradition, this series of meetings on emerging themes in the art world will be held in the ample gallery overlooking the pavilions. The Emilia Romagna Cultural Heritage Institute in collaboration with CRC will present its project on Friday, January 26 “10 Artists for Emilia Romagna’s Cultural Heritage”. On the same day will also be the turn of open air sculpture with the presentation of the award PAAMAA Premio di Arte Ambientale la Marrana Nuovi Percorsi di arte pubblica: Artista + Architetto. The meeting will be chaired by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio; speakers include Enzo Cucchi, Beppe Finessi, Alberto Garutti and Alessandro Mendini, with testimonials from Jes Fernie and Gianni Bolongaro. Another interesting debate will be Michelangelo Pistoletto & Cittadellarte, to produce and inspire responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects. Each day will conclude with Conversazioni d’arte (Talking about Art), a highly popular free flowing question and answer session, organised by Rosalba Paiano, between artists of international fame and the public.

Spazio Alfa Romeo - Giornale dell'arte (Hall 18) This space will host the presentation of the book “L’arte e le sue voci – L’arte è un dimenticare a memoria” by Achille Bonito Oliva (Editore Allemandi & C) in which the critic describes encounters and meetings during the 2006 edition of Arte Fiera; the new review “Il Giornale dell’Arte Contemporanea”, and the much awaited announcement of Il Giornale dell’Arte – Alfa Romeo’s award for the Best Arte Fiera Gallery of the Year.

ABO The Before Obvious (Hall 18) After the success of last year, the ABO Space returns with two new events. Tra suono e immagine: 3 artists - William Furlong, Donatella Spaziani and Emilio Prini - will be hosted in the RAM (Radioartemobile) space to work on the osmosis and metamorphosis between sound and image. Domanda d’Artista: an artist puts questions to other players on the art scene. Fabio Mauri interviews collectors Guntis Brands and Enea Righi; Maurizio Moschetti interviews architects Mario Botta and Franco Purini; Gilberto Zorio interviews museum directors Cristiana Collu and Jan Hoet. Finally on Sunday, January 28 at 8.30 p.m. at the theatre, performance of the play: “Il ribelle imminente. Atto unico di critica totale” by Achille Bonito Oliva with music by Antonio Caggiano, mask by Luigi Ontani, visual poetry by Nanni Balestrini, stereophonic portrait by Alvin Curran, performers Matteo Basilè and Robert Gligorov. The show is coordinated by Martina Cavallarin with the collaboration of Pack.

BOLOGNA THE CITY OF ART Shows, exhibitions and events in town during Arte Fiera

BOLOGNA ART FIRST For the second year running, installations by key Italian and foreign contemporary artists will lead visitors through the streets of the old town to the most important museums and venues.

ARTE FIERA OFF A series of alternative artistic events: exhibitions, video shows, conferences, and performances taking place in a wide range of venues including Arci community halls, Villa Serena and the Teatro dell’Accademia.

NETMAGE 07 Creative and innovative images on art, media, communication curated by Xing Palazzo Re Enzo – Piazza Maggiore


Christopher Williams For Example: Dix Huits Leçons sur la Société Industrielle (Revision 5) curated by Gianfranco Maraniello and Andrea Viliani Galleria d’Arte Moderna, P.zza Costituzione 3

Premio Furla per L’arte 2007 Villa delle Rose, Via Saragozza 228/230

La Giovane Italia Italian artists’ hommage to Giuseppe Mazzini on the bicentennial of his birth Curated by Renato Barilli Pinacoteca Nazionale, Via Belle Arti, 56

Giovanni Sesia e Ducati: Il simbolico, l’immaginario e il reale Curated by Alberto Mattia Martini Spazio Gianni Testoni La 2000 + 50, Via D’Azeglio 50


The first edition of BOLOGNA ART FIRST, launched last year as part of ARTEFIERA ART FIRST, proved very popular with art lovers who particularly appreciated the combination of modern/contemporary art installations (specially selected for the event) and the historic architecture of some of the most prestigious venues in the city.

The 2007 edition of ARTEFIERA ART FIRST will be repeating BOLOGNA ART FIRST with a novel exploration of Bologna’s museums, historic buildings and courtyards based on art works selected from the proposals of galleries exhibiting at ARTEFIERA ART FIRST 2007.

BOLOGNA ART FIRST 2007 will further consolidate the already strong links between the exhibition and the city, creating a large-scale event devoted to modern and contemporary art open to the more than 40,000 visitors attending the show.

Once again organised with the support of some of the city’s institutions, the forthcoming initiative will have a larger number of venues hosting installations selected by the BOLOGNA ART FIRST 2007 Artistic Committee: Gianfranco Maraniello (Director, GAM Bologna), Gaetano Maccaferri (collector), Marino Golinelli (collector) and Silvia Evangelisti (Artistic Director of ARTEFIERA ART FIRST).

The venues of BOLOGNA ART FIRST 2007 include:

-MUSEO DELLA MUSICA, which will host the work of Corrado Bonomi “Se son rose fioriranno” – Gallery: Bonelli arte contemporanea -MUSEO DELLA MUSICA, which will host the work of Isgro’ “Le api…”- Gallery: Studio Guastalla -MUSEO MEDIEVALE (courtyard), which will host the work of Giovanni Ozzola “Two story addiction” – Gallery: Continua -MUSEO ARCHEOLOGICO (Gipsoteca), which will host the work of Francois Morrellet “Lamentable” – Gallery: A arte Studio Invernizzi -PALAZZO D’ACCURSIO (courtyard), which will host the work of Giuseppe Spagnulo “Ferro Spezzato” – Gallery: Grossetti Arte Contemporanea -PALAZZO RE ENZO (Chapel), which will host the work of Steven Gontarsky “Zero Obelisk Blood” – Gallery: Changin Role- Move Over gallery -PALAZZO RE ENZO (outside area), which will host the work of Valerio Berruti “Se ci fosse la luna” – Gallery: Spirale Arte - Arte Contemporanea -GUGLIELMO MARCONI International Airport Business Lounge, which will host the work of Marco Lodola “Ballerini” – Gallery: Galleria Tega -MUSEO DELLA SANITA’ SANTA MARIA DELLA VITA, which will host the work of Claudio Costa “Il letto di Sarah Bernardt” – Gallery: Cardelli e Fontana -CORTILE ARCHIGINNASIO, which will host the work of Roberto Mascella “Apparenza” – Gallery: Andrea Arte Contemporanea -MUSEO ARCHEOLOGICO, which will host the work of Mimmo Paladino “I dormienti” – Galleria Cardi -FESTIVAL NETMAGE – RE ENZO, which will host the work of O. Moccellin-N. Pellegrini “The Space Between us fills…” – Galleria Lia Rumma -MUSEO DI PALAZZO POGGI, which will host the work of Bianco-Valente “When the sun touches you” – Galleria Alfonso Artiaco -MUSEO DI PALAZZO POGGI, which will host the work of Quentin Garel “Crane d’oiseau” – Gallery: Galleria Forni


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Modern and contemporary art in the streets of Bologna

Sonderausstellungen mit William Furlong, Donatella Spaziani, Emilio Prini, Achille Bonito Oliva ...