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artes mundi 2 Shortlist Announcement: January 20th, 2011

Eija-Liisa Ahtila Since the early 1990′s Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s films and still photographs have told stories of human relationships and the elementary emotions that underlie these relationships: love, anger, jealousy, sexuality and vulnerability. Ahtila describes her films as human dramas.

Wu Chi-Tsung Wu Chi-Tsung is fascinated by images, how they are made and how we see them. His works to date have mostly involved photography and video and the processes which are needed to create images. He experiments with and manipulates these processes, exploiting the alchemy inherent in chemical photography or changing the elements of timing which [...]

Thomas Demand Thomas Demand’s work combines conceptualism, photography and film, using a process of construction, representation and repetition. Demand starts the process with a pre-existing architectural exterior or interior image often culled from the media, history, or from his own memory. He then meticulously re-creates this image into an elaborate life-sized model constructed from coloured paper and [...]

Mauricio Dias & Walter Riedweg Brazilian artist Mauricio Dias and Swiss artist Walter Riedweg have been working together since 1993, developing collaborative visual arts and performance projects with the public. Their work includes documentary material as well as created scenarios, which are presented formally as video installations. Dias & Riedweg embark on conversations with people, as individuals and as members [...]

Leandro Erlich portrait On entering a Leandro Erlich installation, the viewer enters a world of trickery and illusion; doors cannot be opened, peepholes reveal the unexpected, mirrors do not reflect and viewers can submerge themselves in a swimming pool without getting wet. His installations function like puzzling set designs in which the viewer becomes the actor and Erlich [...]

Subodh Gupta Subodh Gupta works in a wide range of mediums from sculpture and painting to installation, photography, video and performance. He elevates the status of found objects from everyday items to artworks; using the products of rural India such as cow dung, milk buckets, kitchen utensils, scooters, guns and gulal powder as his materials. The objects [...]

Sue Williams Sue Williams’ paintings embody a passionate response to the human condition, revealing an ambiguous boundary between a secure place and an insecure place, between the real and the imagined. Drawing plays a major role within her work and it is through the use of the drawn image that the notion of human desire and frailty [...]