press release

First stop: Samara, Russia

Curator (the Swedish contribution): Martin Schibli, Kalmar Konstmuseum Organizing Institution in Sweden (the Swedish contribution) : Kalmar Konstmuseum

The contribution from Sweden, organized by Kalmar Konstmuseum, is part of the overall project ARTNEWS OUTDOOR - The festival of contemporary art displayed on bus stops.

Organizing Institutions in Russia: The Middle Volga Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Samara Region Public Welfare Fund “Centre for Contemporary Art”. Project’s partners: News Outdoor Russia Company Dates of festival conduct: June 2010 - June 2011 Project’s curator: Roman Korzhov Project's coordinator News Outdoor: Julia Mironova Festival’s dislocation: Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Saransk, Penza and another cities of Russia

Project’s review “ARTNEWS OUTDOOR” festival is a contemporary art exhibition specializes on the location of its masterpieces on the bus stops, namely, of posters (size 120x180 cm). The places on the bus stops are provided by the partnership company New Outdoor Russia. The display undergoes changes every month by moving the artists’ works of art to other bus stops and even to other cities. Thus, the exposition travels around Russia and is opened for the period of 9 to 12 months. The only usage of special advertising poster size (120x180cm) is to be defined as the project’s peculiarity, in which a person waiting for a bus or a tramway acts as a potential audience, who is not always ready to face a piece of art. Such a viewer, having found himself in a usual situation when he is imposed to consume the information that tells him about all the essential things he needs in his life, notices some extraordinary feature that has nothing in common with the fixed routine, a kind of strange message addressed to the other experience and memory as something unremembered and dim, and, moreover, experiences the feeling of contemplation and a meeting with something “new”.

“ARTNEWS OUTDOOR” project is created on the basis of Samara Region Welfare Fund that is named as “Centre for Contemporary Art” – “Ecology of Perception” with the assistance of News Outdoor Samara. This unprecedented experience of global contemporary art communication in the urban areas was firstly earned in Russia in the time period from 1998 till 1999. The project “Ecology of Perception” was also supported by Samara Region Art Museum, by Samara Region Ecology Committee, by such international partners as Open Society Institute (branches in Poland and Kazakhstan), Stuttgart Kunstverein. Nearly 29 artists and art-groups from Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, France, and the USA participated in the project (for more detailed information see section “Preceding Experience and Project’s Steps”). The posters’ exhibition was presented in 2002 within the scope of Middle Volga Federal District’s program under the name of “Cultural Capital” in Nizhnekamsk and Kirov.

Project in 2010 - 2011 Intellectual and art context is depicted in the name of “ARTNEWS OUTDOOR” – “festival of art news” and aimed at the creation of artistic dialogue between the European Art institutions and the Russian audience. In terms of location the festival aspires to keep the distance from the dominating art creation centres such as Moscow and St.Petersburg, and, therefore, the art province cities will become its exposition places. The indispensable part of the project consists in its nomadic character that is determined by the desire to investigate the mental territories of Russia and to define a new art topography on the border cross between universal and local, between expression and perception, between art and culture. The contemporary European art exhibition on the territories of Russian cities and towns will become a tool of such an investigation that will enable to introduce international art community on the local level remarkable for its original aspects and forms of its artistic self-expression.

Activities Motivated European organizations and their representatives such as curators are supposed to be invited in order to take part in the event that forms their own projects in the festival’s network. Within the scope of the event they define a topic, choose artists, cities and dates; the exact time and place are coordinated with the project partner by News Outdoor Russia. The main exhibition period in urban areas consists of 9- to 12 months. In this period of time video and photo documentation is prepared, the material of which is used for placing on the project’s site – (still under construction). A mobile final exposition is planned to be formed at the end of the principal exhibition festival period and is intended to be displayed on showrooms of National Centre for Contemporary Arts and other organizations’ areas participating in the project. By this time the catalogue will be published including all the participants’ works, and also the previous experience and the stages of the project as “Ecology of Perception” 1998-1999 and “Ecology of Perception” 2008-2009.

The festival of contemporary art displayed on bus stops
Kurator: Martin Schibli

Künstler: Fredrik Axwik, Conny Blom, Kalle Brolin, Oscar Guermouche, Karin Hasselberg, Gustav Hellberg, Johanna Karlin, Elin Magnusson, Jesper Nordahl, Ton & Gainer (Klas Eriksson & John Hellberg), Elin Wikström