press release

A festival of sensuality celebrates the artist duo assume vivid astro focus. The multimedia installation at the Sammlung Goetz leads us into a universe full of blazing erotic, in which gender issues, political messages and cultural codes intermingle. Brazilian Eli Sudbrack, the group’s founder, has worked in a team with Christophe Hamaide-Pierson and different artists, musicians and designers since 2001. The name assume vivid astro focus is a neologism that has no precise meaning, but includes numerous references to popular culture and art history, which also constitute the reservoir from which the collective draws its imagery. Much like a DJ, the group samples from and mixes different visual worlds, resulting in bizarre installations that combine painting, sculpture, video, design, party and performance. With its work, assume vivid astro focus reflects on artistic production processes and explores socio-political issues. Its unmistakable marks have been left not only in exhibitions in renowned institutions, including the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, the MOCA Los Angeles and the Kunsthalle Wien, but also in fashion designs around the world.
For the exhibition at the Sammlung Goetz, avaf has transformed the underground exhibition space of Base103 into a multimedia gesamtkunstwerk, which also incorporates the ceiling, walls and floor. On view are not only videos and installations from the collection, but also more recent pieces and documentary material on the history of assume vivid astro focus.

Curator: Susanne Touw