press release

The French-Brazilian artist collective assume vivid astro focus is the subject of a major exhibition in the center of Oslo. The exhibition consists of two parts, a retrospective of wallpapers and wall work from the last decade, and an outdoor stage area where a wide array of performances and events will take place throughout the summer. The exuberant energy of assume vivid astro focus will run rampant through the public space in the middle of Oslo and the public square is connected to an elevated kunsthalle through a customized slide. This is the first retrospective of assume vivid astro focus, who have built a reputation for colorful, controversial, and all-encompassing installations around the world. 84 different wallpapers from previous exhibition projects have been reinstalled in the Museum's kunsthalle as an intricate labyrinth. Highlights include a recreation of assume vivid astro focus' contribution to the 2004 Whitney Biennial with pulsating LED lights, 3-D wallpaper and a room with rotating wallpapers. Tullinløkka, the public square located between the National Gallery and the Historical Museum in Oslo, will be transformed into a hyperactive stage area, where concerts in collaboration with local music festivals, fashion shows in collaboration with Oslo Fashion Week, and a whole slew of fantastic events will take place. Curated by Stina Högkvist and Geir Haraldseth

assume vivid astro focus 
Kuratoren: Stina Högkvist, Geir Haraldseth
Tullinlokka and The Art Hall at Tullinlokka