press release

Athens Photo Festival is the leading international festival of photography in Southeastern Europe. Exploring critical issues relevant to our times, our programme works within an international, national and local context, encompassing a variety of exhibitions and activities designed to reflect the diversity of contemporary photography, and to create opportunities for exchange of ideas, artistic expression and international engagement.
The 2016 main exhibitions will take place from 9 June until 31 July 2016, at the Benaki Museum, presenting a wide spectrum of works of both emerging and established artists from all over the world. At the core of the festival is a range of events, including international portfolio reviews, screenings, talks and discussions, workshops, and participatory projects. In addition to the main venue-based programme, the festival encourages local community involvement through satellite exhibitions in various locations in the city.
Our curatorial team aims to develop a programme of exhibitions for 2016, creating a dialogue between different thematic ideas in relation to this year’s theme, under the title [mis/dis]placed. The exhibition programme will be developed further in relation to the works submitted through the open submission process.


The Festival’s theme, under the title [mis/dis]placed, is aimed at investigating how collective consciousness and individual perception and position are shaped, in relation to the fast-changing global situation, intertwining both politics and poetics. In particular, it is interested in raising questions about the prevailing notions of place and memory as fundamental elements of identity formation while reassessing the role that the means of visualizing can play within these concepts.
This broad thematic framework attempts to bring together a range of different perspectives by emerging and established artists and photographers from all over the world, creating an intellectual space where the contradictions of today’s world can be raised and discussed. The exhibition programme will be developed further in relation to the works submitted through an open submission process which welcomes artists and photographers from all over the world to submit their work for consideration. In this way we strive to create a dialogue between different thematic ideas.
Possible topics could include, but are not limited to: shifting borders (both physical and symbolic), displacement and movement, alienation and deprivation, transient places, complex relationships between places and people, stereotypes and social exclusion, loss of self-control and surveillance, ambiguous threats, the social impact of virtual environment, fading memories and traces of the past, frustrated expectations, retrieving a sense of belonging, looking for new directions, positions and ways of resistance, and so one.
– Manolis Moresopoulos, Artistic Director



UNSTABLE FIELDS // Maxim Dondyuk (UA), Nick Hannes (BE), Martin Kollar (SK), Dimitris Michalakis (GR), Pietro Paolini (IT), Emine Gozde Sevim (TK), Miriam Stanke (DE), Issa Touma (SY), Panos Tsagaris (GR) · Apostolos Zerdevas (GR) · REFUGEES ROUTES // Isabelle Arvers (FR), Miia Autio (FI), Andrea Gjestvang (NO), Samuel Gratacap (FR), Sam Ivin (UK), Sofie Amalie Klougart (DK), Dimitris Koilalous (GR), Giorgos Moutafis (GR), Myrto Papadopoulos (GR), Nikos Pilos (GR), Aida Silvestri (UK) · EXTREME ANTITHESIS // Andrea & Magda (FR), Philip Cheung (CA), Kostas Kapsianis (GR), Aleksey Kondratyev (US/KG), Laurent Kronental (FR), Julien Lombardi (FR), Marinos Tsagkarakis (GR) · METAPHORS // Roger Ballen (SA), Alvaro Deprit (ES), Alexander Mendelevich (IL), Charlie Simokaitis (US), Paul Thulin (US), Margot Wallard (FR), Marta Zgierska (PL) · LIFE TRACKS // Yoann Cimier (FR), Karolin Klüppel (DE), Alvaro Laiz (ES), Namsa Leuba (CH), Polixeni Papapetrou (AU), Klaus Pichler (AT), Laurence Rasti (CH), Danilla Tkachenko (RU), Sanne De Wilde (BE) · ZONES OF ERROR AND DECAY // Mathieu Asselin (FR), Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression (FR), Alejandro Chaskielberg (AR), Catherine Leutenegger (CH), Kai Loeffelbein (DE), Kazuma Obara (JP) · PLACES OF MEMORY // Artemis Alcalay, Fani Bitou, Io Chaviara, Petros Efstathiadis, Pavlos Fysakis, Stergios Karavatos, Viktor Koen, Nikos Markou, Fotis Milionis, Nikos Panayotopoulos, Avraam Pavlidis, Paris Petridis, Simos Saltiel, John Stathatos, Nikolas Ventourakis, Pasqua Vorgia (GR)