press release

Australian artist Patricia Piccinini (b. 1965) lets us explore the future. The artist’s world is teeming with hybrid creatures that have been given life through the most recent digital and biotechnological experiments and possibilities. Presented in spectacular installations, her characteristic beings meet us in lifelike scenarios of great immediate impact, disrupting our sense of what is real and inviting us to sense and imagine the world anew. Piccinini’s hybrid creatures disturb and fascinate as they blur the boundaries between nature, technology and human.

Patricia Piccinini works within the genres known as hyperrealism and post-Pop, using materials such as silicone, fibreglass, metal and human hair. Her artistic practice occupies the field where storytelling, fantasy and science meet and intersect. Through tactile and seductive installations, Piccinini explores current existential and ethical questions on how we live and forge relationships in a high-tech age where the natural and the artificial mutate and connect in new ways.