press release

The building was being renovated after hundreds of years of neglect. It was standing on a hillside in the middle of the valley, just next to another hill top that looked like a concrete wall. The range of colors in the scenery was sparse. There where the green hillsides that where closer to grey than the green colored grass we normally see. There where of course the few rebel trees that had refused to let their leaves fall even though winter has come and long gone. The rocks where grey, the buildings made of the same material could hardly be seen also blended into the grey hue dominated landscape. The windows in the houses where all black, no sign of people or activity within the buildings. The majority of the buildings where more like ruins than habitats. The static landscape seemed timeless, like the rocks, no breathing or trees moving, the only thing reminding us of the movement of time where the birds singing and the distant waterfall and the occasional airplane that connected all the remote places on the sky atlas by their trails of vapor.

Antas will show a series of polaroids and a photograph taken from his new series ‘Structure for birds’ as well as a new video entitled ‘Landscape’ 2007. The work was produced during a residency in Centre d´Art i Natura, Farerra, Catalonia, Spain within the residency exchange with HIAP.

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Axel Antas