press release

10.02.2023 - 08.04.2023
Opening preview Friday 10 February from 5 till 7 pm

Basic Fit Anne Buckwalter, Whitney Claflin, Sam Contis, Al Freeman, Emily Furr, Heidi Hahn, Sofia Hultén, Karolina Jablonska, Tomasz Kręcicki, Alexandra Noel, Virginia Overton, Rikkert Paauw, Alicja Pakosz, Tyson Reeder, Ataru Sato, Alice Tippit

The title of the project Basic Fit refers to the previous function of the exhibition space which was a gym. Doing the opposite of stripping a space from its former functions into a neutral exhibition cube, with Basic Fit we will be facsimile reproducing a gym club. The interior will be created with black and white landscape wallpaper. Using these images of spaces with machinery and mirrors as a 1/1 backdrop, Basic Fit provides a lens to focus on the contemporary subject interrogating forms of conditioning, both in relation to itself, as in relation to others.