press release opens the new art season in Rotterdam with work by Beat Streuli that was created in Los Angeles.

It was here that Beat Streuli, being a 'cultural tourist', found three interesting locations to work at:

Venice Beach, Sunset Boulevard and Downtown LA. Spots with a concentration of people and energy.

In Venice Beach he followed people with a video camera, filming them and composing these different portraits of individuals and small groups of people into two video projections. One of these video works will be shown at the gallery.

On Sunset Boulevard, with natural but very cinematic light, he photographed locals and tourists, waiting for buses or just going from one place to another. These urban scenes blend real life with Hollywood.

In Downtown LA, Streuli photographed - with a medium format camera - a broadly mixed ethnic group of people, mostly Latino, emerging from a dark background into the light.

For this show Beat Streuli has created a wallpaper piece consisting of 95 photos connecting all three different points of Los Angeles. It is a kind of a roadmovie, photographed while driving through this large and sprawling metropolis. The wallpaper piece refers to the city in more ways than one with its cinematic, puzzlelike composition.


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Beat Streuli