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Triple Candie completes its nine-year stay in Harlem with a “group” exhibition, consisting largely of objects previously exhibited or used in the gallery. The objects include:

A glass display case fitted out with dozens of broken champagne glasses from a 2004 benefit dinner, and two shattered vases that were purchased for and included in the 2008 exhibition “Almost Baroque”

A wooden shelving unit that had served as Triple Candie’s store; the mirror-backed shelves now showcasing multiples by Payshay Fraysko and Single Room Occupancy – two fictional art-publishing companies whose work was presented in the 2010 exhibition “Costume Jewelry that Scratches the Skin”

The gallery’s home-made, white sculpture stands – used extensively over the past five years – which have been stacked to form two discrete “sculptural” objects and then partially repainted

A half-dozen liquor boxes salvaged from Brand’s Wine & Liquor, a local store that Triple Candie has frequented for the past four years; the boxes have been slightly altered and pinned to the walls in sequence

Six silver scaffolding end-ladders from the 2006 exhibition “Cady Noland Approximately,” adorned with aluminum-foil turkey roasting pan multiples published by Payshay Fraysko

Three hand-painted walls from previous exhibition displays

The façade of the Matthew Higgs Society’s 148th Street reading room, decorated with strips of tassel-laden fringe, four hand-painted pink ceramic bathroom tiles from Triple Candie’s now-closed store, and a ribbon-multiple from La Caja Verde, another fictional art-publishing company

Most of the exhibition will be destroyed when the show is de-installed. Two of the elements will be recombined for exhibition in January at another venue.

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Beavers as Weavers, and Non-Believers
For Julie Ault, AA Bronson, Lynne Cooke, Coco Fusco, Thelma Golden, Tim Griffin, Julie Mehretu, Lisa Phillips, Amy Sillman