press release

Estar vivo é o contrário de estar morto stages a space for reflection about the urgent need to question different modes of action that constrain nature and the economic and cultural value that we attribute to multiple terrestrial balances.

Based on a collection of pictorial, filmic and performative works, the exhibition aims to explore, and parody, new forms of expression that break with the human/non-human dichotomy, processes of reinterpretation of subjectivities and situations that discuss the right to exist.

Between the absurd and the ordinary, the plausible and implausible, this exhibition places into perspective the need to revaluate the vulnerable and precarious status of the planet’s inhabitants, in the context of contemporary social and economic practices – without overlooking artistic practices and, paradoxically, the fact that such practises may be in collusion with consumption models that undermine a sense of natural well-being.