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Bernd Koberling (born 1938) is a Berliner, and he has been an integral part of the German art scene since the 1960s with his powerful and personal paintings. Koberling has visited Iceland every summer for the past twenty years and it is there that he paints his watercolours. The exhibition consists of 92 large works. They were all painted during the past summer and are his biggest watercolours so far. It is not the vast openness or the dynamic landscape of Iceland that grasps Bernd Koberling’s attention but the endless details and variations in the arctic vegetation and climate. He paints the weather, the water and the atmosphere as well as the harsh survival of the microcosmic world as symbolised by leaves, roots, berries, weather-beaten plants and mushrooms. He paints the beauty of detail, of the essence and purity of life.

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Bernd Koberling