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The two Swiss artists, Marcel Biefer (born in 1959) and Beat Zgraggen (born in 1958), have been working together since 1983 and surprise the viewer with their subversive socio-cultural explorations of the theme of art.

They avoid any sense of high-mindedness, with which art often tries to legitimise itself, in an humorous and ironical way. In videos and installations in their research project "Telekolleg Kunst" in the Vienna Secession they discuss and subvert the most diverse thematic areas in the art world, such as art and artists, galleries, art patronage, art education… With such daring ideas as "naïve feeling could only establish itself as a figurative style and could not be realised as a concrete, conceptual or contextual style: for this reason, only the consideration of the whole of contemporary modern art can - and that is the problem - be valid", Biefer and Zgraggen lead the visitor through the exhibition in the Vienna Secession by the nose.

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Biefer / Zgraggen