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LOOKING BACKWARDS The Biennial has a twenty year long tradition. It was initiated in 1981 as the exhibition of Yugoslav sculpture and it has been transformed into an international exhibition of visual arts with special emphasis on the communication with the surrounding. Various media of visual arts are presented (installations, sculptures, photographs, video, digital art, interventions in space, etc.) The exhibition is presented in several galleries and alternate spaces as well as in the open (streets, parks, squares, facades, river banks, etc.)

The Biennial of Contemporary Art ''Relations 2000'' Panãevo was the key exhibition for introducing the new concept of work and for surveying the contemporary art. The project broadened its view and its interest from sculpture alone to the ''expanded field of art'' and started dealing with all works of art that communicated with space disregarding the choice of material or medium, and consequently the project transformed itself from ''Sculpture Biennial'' into ''Biennial of Visual Arts. The exhibition had expanded its view from Yugoslav to the international art world and it presented, aside from Yugoslav artists, also the artists from Great Britain, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Slovakia, Rumania, Macedonia, Slovenia and Italy.

CURRENT EVENTS: The international character of the Biennial will be strongly confirmed at this year's manifestation named CROSSINGS.

Fifty-one artists coming from both domestic and international art scene will participate at the Biennial. Aside from the Yugoslav artists the Biennial will present the artists from: Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Rumania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, China, USA, France, The Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Finland, etc.

This year's project will have three segments: A segment of works performed in situ, directly in the physical space of the gallery, or of other related or non-related institutions open to public, but also in urban town space, on non-formal private locations, and other spaces non-mediated by communication systems. Spatial interventions of the artists will present their dialogue with the place, time and given space.

A segment consisting of Contacts with the artists, which is brought into the framework of the exhibition intentionally and exclusively by mediation of communication systems, i.e. mailed by post, or e-mailed to the gallery, regardless of the formats, which can range from texts, sketches, drawings, photographs, computer manipulated images, posters or video-tapes.

A public seminar, with participation of curators, critics and historians and theoreticians of art from ex-Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Vojvodina). The topic is ''Regional – Universal'' and the seminar will be held from 26th to 29th June 2002.

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Konzeption: Svetlana Mladenov, Stevan Vukovic

mit Laura Anderson Barbata, Igor Antic, Mrcan Bajic, Szombathy Balint, Lucia Bruni, Dejan Dimitrijevic, Zoran Dimovski, Mirjana Morcevic, Darko Gajic, Gabriel Glid, Livko Grozdanic, Adad Hannah, Jelena Janev, Robert Jankuloski, Dragan Jelenkovic, Zdravko Joksimovic, Kirsten Justesen, Stevan Kojic, Shaoji Liang, Shu-Min Lin, Gregory Maass & Nayoungim , Barbara Madsen, Danio Man, Rutf Margraff, Eva Masarykova, Sreten Milatovic, Mihael Milunovic, Milorad Mladenovic, Branislav Nikolic, Vladimir Nikolic, Petre Nikoloski, Louis Nixon, Tanja Ostojic, Branko Pavic, Lucy Pedlar, Romelo Pervolovici & Maria Manolescu; Mileta Prodanovic, Tobias Putrih, Radionica 301 , Jelica Radovanovic, Isa Schmidlehner, Mustafa Skopljak, Wolfgang Thaler, Milica Tomic, Andrey Velikanov ...