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About 150 projects by artists under thirty-five will take part in BIG Torino 2002. They will arrive from various European countries and, thanks to the choice of Internet as Guest Country, from all over the world. These young people will express themselves in the different forms of contemporary art, according to the rules of the theme: the Big Social Game. It is a great game with a great objective: to stimulate art's commitment and responsibility towards society. And vice versa.

The BIG Torino Organising Committee confirms the commitment of the local authorities - City and Province of Torino, and Piedmont Region - in the support for and promotion of contemporary artistic research. The internationally renowned artist Michelangelo Pistoletto has been appointed Artistic Director, entrusted with the important role of cultural co-ordination.

Young artists take to the field The first edition of BIG Torino was held in April 2000: 200 projects by European artists, China as guest country, 150,000 visitors, journalists and cultural experts, a vast network of European cultural institutions and the collaboration of numerous sponsors. BIG Torino 2002 will see the presentation of 150 projects by under-35 artists from various European countries and, thanks to the choice of Internet as "guest country", from all around the world.Young people who will express themselves in the many forms of contemporary art according to the rules of the game: the Big Social Game theme, a great game with a great goal behind it - to stimulate the commitment and responsibility of art towards society. And vice versa.

Big guest net, a borderless guest BIG Torino wanted to invite a special country as its guest. The one that represents all others, with no exceptions: a place to exchange, develop and share ideas between different cultures. We are talking about Internet, naturally. A borderless "hyper-country", that assumes an almost earthly dimension, escaping even the rhetoric of the virtual. The choice of Internet is in line with the Big Social Game theme, because it offers young artists from all over the world a platform to tackle the questions of the global society.

Artful expressions Contemporary art will be present in all its expressions: visual arts, theatre, music, dance, cinema, architecture, design, fashion, writing and gastronomy. The artists will meet in a multiethnic and multicultural atmosphere, blending and comparing creative languages and methods of expression under the banner of the most wide-ranging interactivity. Every artistic expression and point of view will be represented to interpret society from different perspectives, like so many pieces in the great dynamic mosaic of the Big Social Game.

A month of contemporary events The Big Social Game will last one month. While the visual arts exhibitions will be the heart of BIG Torino 2002, to quicken the beat even more there will be events concentrated during the weekends. Five weekends that will pulse with literary evenings, concerts, workshops, seminars, films, gastronomic sessions, dance, theatre and performances that will spread the Big Social Game out in all directions. From the centre to the suburbs, from Torino to the rest of Piedmont, a boundless stage for the artists. With the breadth of the Big Social Game, BIG Torino 2002 will boost the city and Piedmont's already lively cultural scene. In addition to the exhibition section and the international shows, other initiatives will build the architecture of the Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane.

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Biennale internazionale arte giovane / International Biennial of Young Art

Maja Bajewitz, etoy , Anri Sala, Jennifer Tee, com & com, Saadet Türköez & Fabian, Laurence Stajic, Anouk Garcia, Oksana Buraja, Estelle Herbin & Alberto Coletta, Miguel Benlloch, Hans Richter, Joris Ivens, Marcel Carné, Josep Maria Martín & Yoshihide Kobanawa, Saadet Türköez & Fabian Neuhaus, Gregg Smith, Raffaella Spagna, e-Xplo , Raimund Hoghe, Giovanna Marmo & i Nani Nudi, Farmers Manual, Reinigungsgesellschaft , Raimond Hoghe, Jonas Olesen, Hentie van der Merwe, Gregg Smith, The Trinity Session ...

artistic director:
Michelangelo Pistoletto