press release

Bill Viola. A Retrospective
June 30, 2017 – November 9, 2017

Pioneer in using video and exploring the moving image, Bill Viola is one of the most outstanding contemporary artists. The North American creator figuratively and literally investigates the cycles of life, death and rebirth, taking recourse to primary elements, such as fire and water. He Frequently includes studied changes of scale and time in his works, with the intention of prompting in the spectator profound and often unexpected responses. His pieces, always linked to the history of art, address subjects and concepts of deep significance, such as perception and spirituality.

The exhibition Bill Viola: A Retrospective makes a complete tour of his career, thematically and chronologically, starting with his first pieces, made in the seventies—such as The Reflecting Pool (1977–79)—until coming to his more recent installations, enormous in size—among which are Going Forth By Day (2002), Fire Woman (2005), Tristan’s Ascension (2005), The Dreamers (2013) and Inverted Birth (2014).

This important retrospective will reveal to the public the transformation to have taken place in Viola’s language, as well as the progressive technological sophistication adopted by his works. Intensely appealing to the senses, the work of the North American artist offers a spiritual reflection on the transcendence and temporary nature of human life.