MAK Center, Los Angeles

Schindler House | 835 North Kings Road, West Hollywood
CA 90069-5409 Los Angeles

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Mackey Garage Top
1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

The sixth iteration of the MAK Center’s Garage Exchange Vienna-Los Angeles series at the Garage Top features former artist-in-residence Andreas Fogarasi working with artist Oscar Tuazon. For Black Earth, Fogarasi will present North American International Auto Show, documenting the dismantling of the Detroit Auto Show. From a physical distance, though through a shared mentality, the work connects to the site and situation of Garage Exchange Vienna – Los Angeles through its study of exhibition methods, display architecture, and the mutually inclusive car-garage relationship of suburban Southern California. Tuazon intends to directly link the Garage Top exhibition space to the contingent domestic space of the Mackey Apartments, with the construction of a work containing apartment amenities like cabinets and other signs that demarcate a living environment from another usage – particularly those signs that do so in American suburban settings. Connecting the work are different approaches to the Garage Top as a node in a sequence of significations, both then creating an entirely new such location and smaller sequence vis-a-vis inhabiting their shared space.