press release

Bob and Roberta Smith's commission Don't Hate Sculpt consists of work by six different artistic personalities - all invented by Bob and Roberta Smith. There is the man who paints things orange, the woman who grows potatoes, a man whose creative energies are spent boiling vegetables, a visionary architect, and another who provides instruction on how to make custard (it doesn't turn out the way it should). Another artist makes enormous hand-painted texts, telling tall stories about well-known characters that are patently untrue.

These six personalities make a compelling demonstration of the necessity of art, and share the crowded gallery space with Bob and Roberta Smith's visionary paintings and sculptures. The work suggests that anyone can be Bob and Roberta Smith, and therefore anyone can make art in the gallery space.

Bob and Roberta Smith live and work in London. Bob and Roberta Smith is the double identity of an artistic enterprise that is sincere in its ambition to bring anarchy to people's perception of art. They have been exhibited world wide, and their work is included in many public and private collections around the world including the Tate collection (UK), Arts Council collection (UK), British Council collection and the Goss-Michael Foundation (USA).

Don't Hate Sculpt was supported by the London Arts Board, The Henry Moore Foundation and London Guildhall University

Bob & Roberta Smith
Don't Hate Sculpt