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For the first time in Biennial of Graphic Arts will take place in Perm.

Works of more than 50 participants from Russia, Israel, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands will be presented to the audience.

The exhibitions will be housed in Perm Region Museum, Perm State Art Gallery, Central Exhibition Hall, the House of Architects and Perm private galleries. The art program of the biennale includes events in city space, panel discussions and music projects. We hope that the experiment will be a success and become a tradition. New art forms will settle in the city.

"Boomerang" breaks the common framework of graphics presentation by including works performed in the applied form into the program. Modern artists work with various forms and materials: posters, graphic novels, illustration, graphic design, installation sketches. Graphics is both the pillar of traditions and the field for experiments, and it always returns to the modern culture like a boomerang.

The program of the biennale is designed according to the traditional scheme and consists of the main project, special projects and the parallel program. This structure gives an opportunity to present works of emblematic artists along with new generation stars: Ilya Kabakov, Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Michail Grobman, Olga and Alexander Florensky, Pavel Pepperstein, Dmitry Lion, Nina Kotel, Alexander Djikia, Alexey Kallima, Grigory Litichevsky, Hamlet Zinkovsky and Artem Gridin.

The special project part will include experimental and extravagant forms: "The Poetophone" by Perm artist Sergey Teterin and "The Taganka Justice" by Victoria Lomasko.

The biennale movement is the important part of the modern culture, and Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM joins the process. The conception of the biennale will be expanded and realized in full in 2012. But

in November 2010 PERMM together with the partners (Perm museums, state and private galleries) presents a preview exhibition that will denote features and priorities of "Boomerang 2012".

Recycle AES+F ATEM L'Atlas Christian Awe Marat Amarey Vagrich Bakhchanyan Peter Belyi Andrey Bilzho Filip Bod Ivan Borisov Tanja Boehm Peter Feiler Dmitry Vrubel Sasha Galitsky Boris Orlov Georgy Ostretsov Pavel Pepperstein Christian Pilz Pisa73 Dmitry Prigov Vitaly Pushnitsky Vladimir Salnikov Boris Sveshnikov Anton Semakin Artem Gridin Ilya Grishaev Michail Grobman Alexander Djikia Raphaёl Denis Sven Druhl Vadim Dudarev Hamlet Zinkovsky Ilya Kabakov Calice Alexey Kallima Olga & Sergey Kamennoy Taras Kamennoy Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid Oleg Korovin Serge Serov Konstantin Sobakin Leonid Sokov Haim Sokol Hand print workshop B&F GD Studio Yukihiro Taguchi Anna Taguti Kei Takemura Sergey Teterin Nina Kotel Serge Hookman Olessia Koudriavtseva-Velmans Victor Kuzin Lisa Carol Soto Dmitry Lion Georgy Litichevsky Viсtoria Lomasko Pavel Makov Katia Margolis Viacheslav Mizin Alexey Motovilov Kazuki Nakahara Anton Nikolaev Temitayo Ogunbiyi Rudolf Tyurin Jean Faucheur Yuri Horovsky Alexander Shaburov Petr Shvetsov Yuri Shtapakov Anastasia Stein Gregory Yushchenko Dmitry Iakovlev Ustina Yakovleva

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Boomerang. Perm Biennial of Graphic Arts

Künstler: Recycle , AES+F, ATEM , L´Atlas , Christian Awe, Marat Amarey, Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Peter Belyi, Andrey Bilzho, Filip Bod, Ivan Borisov, Tanja Boehm, Peter Feiler, Dmitry Vrubel, Sasha Galitsky, Boris Orlov, Georgy Ostretsov, Pavel Pepperstein, Christian Pilz, Pisa73 , Dmitry Prigov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Vladimir Salnikov, Boris Sveshnikov, Anton Semakin, Artem Gridin, Ilya Grishaev, Michail Grobman, Alexander Djikia, Raphael Denis, Sven Drühl, Vadim Dudarev, Hamlet Zinkovsky, Ilya Kabakov, Calice , Alexey Kallima, Olga & Sergey Kamennoy, Taras Kamennoy, Komar & Melamid, Oleg Korovin, Serge Serov, Konstantin Sobakin, Leonid Sokov, Haim Sokol, Hand print workshop B&F , GD Studio, Yukihiro Taguchi, Anna Taguti, Kei Takemura, Sergey Teterin, Nina Kotel, Serge Hookman, Olessia Koudriavtseva-Velmans, Victor Kuzin, Lisa Carol Soto, Dmitry Lion, Georgy Litichevsky, Victoria Lomasko, Pavel Makov, Katia Margolis, Viacheslav Mizin, Alexey Motovilov, Kazuki Nakahara, Anton Nikolaev, Temitayo Ogunbiyi, Rudolf Tyurin, Jean Faucheur, Yuri Horovsky, Alexander Shaburov, Petr Shvetsov, Yuri Shtapakov, Anastasia Stein, Gregory Yushchenko, Dmitry Iakovlev, Ustina Yakovleva