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press release

Four is pleased to present Borderline, which combines the work of three artists, each distinct in character and tone, but sharing astounding levels of skill and formal craftsmanship. Paul, Robert and Sufjan are specific in their concerns and motivations and each practice has an exclusive intrinsic resonance.

Each practice is independently meaningful and the choice to position them together stems from an interest in looking at what might emerge from an encounter with this particular combination of elements in this particular context and whether placing them together confirms or alters how we perceive them as individual entities. With a particular interest in the possibility of an additional subconscious element emerging through ones experience of these elements.

Robert’s work to date has involved making objects from elemental building blocks, structured by a geometrical logic. He has focused his work on the use of visual rhythms, patterns and symmetries, on the effects of scale on perception, and on methods of deconstruction and reconstruction.

Paul’s new work is about perception and the complexity of cultural memory. He is interested in the idea of the landscape being a product of culture before it registers as nature and how ones sense of the landscape comes from, and is informed by, memories, myths, folklore, songs, poetry and painting.

A musician who plays over twenty instruments and also a fiction writer, Stevens’ guitar-based folk rock places him squarely and firmly in the category of indie pop/progressive folk/indie rock/singer-songwriter/chamber pop/lo-fi. Within the wide range of his interests and subject matter, Stevens’ music is tightly focused, intimate and melodic.


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Paul McKinley, Robert Carr and Sufjan Stephens.
Kurator: Mark Garry