IKON Birmingham

Ikon Gallery | 1 Oozells Square, Brindleyplace
GB-B1 2HS Birmingham

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An unprecedented collaboration between Ikon Gallery and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts (University of Birmingham), this was the first exhibition of work by Braco Dimitrijevic in Britain since 1985. At Ikon, he made a number of new works based on paintings loaned from the Barber Institute by artists including Vincent Van Gogh, Frans Hals and Luca Signorelli. Simultaneously, works by Eduoard Manet, Evaristo Baschenis and Domenico Beccafumi provided the inspiration for installations at the Barber Institute.

This exhibition was part of Dimitrijevic's ongoing project Triptychos Post Historicus, proposing a democracy between works of art, natural phenomena and manufactured objects. By juxtaposing objects from all aspects of human experience - for example, a Van Gogh, a pile of potatoes and a market cart - Dimitrijevic was by no means suggesting a devaluation of artistic endeavour; rather he was asserting other phenomena as being equally worthy of attention.


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Braco Dimitrijevic: Triptychos Post Historicus