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Recently new expressions emerging from Brazil are attracting the attention in the world. The exhibition introduces multilateral expressions of contemporary Brazilian art which arises from its unique history and social conditions as well as its roots. The exhibition introduces three artists as the roots, Tarcila do Amaral in the 1920s, Lygia Clark and Mira Schendel in the 1960s, together with contemporary artists, Miguel Rio Branco, Adriana Valejao, Rivane Neuenschwander and Brigida Baltar, who have inherited these three artists?f achievement through a keyword of ?gthe body.?h While taking the form of dialogues between the old and new generations, the exhibition clarifies the unique characteristics of Brazilian art which is energetic, poetic and sensual. Pressetext

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Brazil Body Nostalgia
mit Tarsila do Amaral, Brigida Baltar, Lygia Clark, Dias & Riedweg, Ernesto Neto, Rivane Neuenschwander, Miguel Rio Branco, Mira Schendel, Adriana Varejao
Kurator: Katsuo Suzuki
Organisation: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; BrasilConnects
Zusammenarbeit: The Japan Foundation