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The exhibition focuses on a discreet body of Bruce Nauman's works that utilize light in the form of neons and fluorescent light room installations. These objects and installations constitute a contiguous body of works that create a visually engaging environment and provoke thought about some of the artist's principal concerns. Nauman's art is motivated by ideas, not an attachment to a particular medium. He has worked in a diverse range of media, choosing a particular form that the idea demands. Light offered the artist a medium that has the quality of being both elusive and effervescent while aggressively pervading an environment with its message. Over the first three decades of his career, Nauman created a significant body of works that employ light. The artist explored the medium of light as a means of grappling with such questions as how perception is shaped by light and space and how meaning is conveyed, questions that the artist confronts throughout his artistic production. When Nauman works with light he explores the twists and turns of perception, logic, and meaning with an earnest playfulness that characterizes his art.

The exhibition is curated by Joseph D. Ketner II, the Milwaukee Art Museum's new chief curator. An 80-page catalogue accompanies the exhibition. Sponsored by Carlene and Andy Ziegler.


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Elusive Signs: Bruce Nauman Works with Light
Kurator: Joseph D. Ketner II
Baker/Rowland Exhibition Galleries