press release

Part of the artistic policy of the Van Abbemuseum is to exhibit renowned and upcoming artists in interesting combinations in their first important museum exhibition. The exhibition trio shows work by these three contemporary artists.

Pavel Büchler A key mode in Büchler’s practice is the way he invests objects with storytelling, making the objects speak in a way that changes their effect on the spectator. Büchler works with old technology, audio recording, light and the material and mental presence of texts.

The exhibition Pavel Büchler is a cooperation with Kunsthalle Bern.

Avi Mograbi Israeli film maker Mograbi uses art to bring ‘elsewhere’ to us, to make us understand the state of the global politics that surround us. In his exhibition he combines five video projections, which are accompanied by special screenings of his feature-length films in the auditorium of the museum.

Frances Stark Frances Stark combines a visual art practice with writing. In her exhibition ‘The Fall of Frances Stark’ fifty works, produced between 1993 and 2007, are collected, among which paintings, collages, drawings and videos.

Pavel Büchler, Avi Mograbi, Frances Stark