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This joint exhibition features artists Cameron Jamie and the Graz group G.R.A.M. who continues a collaboration and artistic friendship that has lasted many years.

With critical-and analytical intentions one aspect of Cameron Jamie´s work has examined various extreme forms of rituals in societies (subcultures of teenagers wrestling, Halloween haunted houses, demonic Austrian folk figures such as the Perchten and Krampus, or amateur TV) which present utopian, apocalyptic future visions and fantasies. The visual imagery immediately arouses in the viewer questions about the conditions under which such strange forms can arise within society. Cameron Jamie was born and raised Southern California. In his films such as "BB" (2000) or "Cypress," (1999-2000) Jamie presented the subculture of youth in Los Angeles like a field researcher. In the dilapidated suburban slums of the underground movement where young people meet for wrestling events. Working together with them over a period of years, the artist developed his film work to what had become known as the critically acclaimed black and white super-8 film, "BB." He has also collaborated with the rock band called, The Melvins who supplied the Wagnerian style rock soundtrack for "BB." Jamie will also be presenting new works on paper, as well as 9 new photographs of "Spook Houses" (2002) from his on-going documentation and upcoming film project shot in the suburbs of Michigan. Also on view is "The Neotoma Tape" (1983-1995), a repulsive compilation of anonymous amateur videos, which shows the grotesque effects of the American entertainment culture.

In their latest photographic works, G.R.A.M. attempt to portray a possible stage of human development, one long before or after the present form of existence. In a sociotope that has not previously been discovered, there exist living creatures which practice strange forms of behaviour. Resembling human beings, the naked creatures live outdoors, although nothing is yet known of their exact strategies for survival. Direct contact with them has not yet been made. Apart from these present observations, which have been recorded in the form of photographs, there is no proof of their existence. The protagonists could be representatives of a sect-like group that has dropped out of civilisation. However the whole thing could also be a post-apocalyptic vision, a sudden possible glimpse into the future. The blurred b/w photographs, which remind one of some expedition undertaken long ago in history, make it difficult to place in time. The topographical context cannot be determined from the pictures.

G.R.A.M. are also planning to make a documentary film about these strange inhabitants of paradise, who are known as Wiedergänger. From the film records they expect to obtain further and more revealing information about this species. In this way they hope to be able to make a contribution to speculation about the future of human beings.


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Cameron Jamie & G.R.A.M.