press release

CCA Kitakyushu presents Cao Fei's "Whose Utopia."

"Whose Utopia" is a 20 minutes video work, made during Cao's participation to Siemens arts program. For the project Cao stayed for 6 months at OSRAM China Lighting Ltd., Foshan. The area where the factory is located is called Pearl River Delta Region, and has been drastically changed as one of the strongholds of Chinese economic activities which have shown a remarkable growth. The factory is one of the factors for the growth and change, and the people, especially the young generation, come from many parts of the country to work there for their better life. "Whose Utopia," focusing on the employees who perceive the country's drastic change as their opportunities and involve with the expansion, traces their life and dream they hold. It shows the reality of their workplace and social environment in the country which is more strongly marching than ever towards the modernization, contrasted with the dreamlike poetic scenes that are presented by the employees.

only in german

Cao Fei
Whose Utopia