press release

Not since Michelangelo or Raphael had one artist in Europe affected so many of his contemporaries over such a broad geography and irrevocably changed the course of painting in a major center. Presented exclusively in Canada at the National Gallery of Canada, this ambitious exhibition intends to explore the profound impact of the work of Caravaggio (Italian, 1571-1610) on a wide range of painters of Italian, French, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish origin who resided in Rome either during his lifetime or immediately afterwards. Approximately 60 paintings by some of the most important artists of the Baroque period will be included in this show, with major artists inspired by Caravaggio’s example, such as Rubens and Vouet. It will be accompanied by a Bell audioguide, a fully-illustrated catalogue and public activities.

Organized by the National Gallery of Canada and the Kimbell Art Museum.

Caravaggio  and his Circle in Rome