press release

Opening: 2008 07 15 (Tuesday) – 7:00 PM

TULIPS & ROSES kindly invites you to the contemporary painting exhibition CARMINE with works by Alina Melnikova and Adomas Danusevicius. Both artists bring in their distinctive touch to the contemporary Lithuanian painting; choosing different visual techniques, the artists express their interest in gender identity and the ambiguities that surrounds it. The paintings by Alina and Adomas involve a viewer into colorful world of eroticism, hedonism, and bodily pleasures. However, this "caramelized" surface hides deep social and ideological conflicts. Adomas and Alina endeavor to grasp and define the boundaries of gender identity and challenge them simultaneously; their works criticize traditional representations of human body.

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Künstler: Alina Melnikova / Adomas Danusevicius
Kurator: Milda Zvirblyte