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The WRO Art Center is pleased to welcome Carolee Schneemann to Wrocław. Schneeman, a pioneer of performance art, body art and avant-garde film, has spent over five decades “breaking the frames” of the art world, using a wide range of expressive forms and challenging our attitudes toward feminism, gender, sexuality and identity.

The Carolee Schneemann Life Book exhibition is an expansion on Mariella Nitosławska’s film Breaking the Frame, documenting Schneeman’s life and work. The exhibition is a new approach to material that Schneeman and Nitosławska created during the six years they spent making the film.

Nitosławska, a Canadian director and documentary filmmaker, used a rich variety of film formats in her very personal film portrait of Schneemann. The film is a study not only of Schneeman’s life and work, but also of space – physical space, private space, conceptual space – and the boundaries between painting, literature, performance and film.

The Carolee Schneemann Life Book exhibition breaks the frames once more: The multimedia and multidimensional installation involves unique photographs, sketches, fragments of diaries and letters, film and video sequences relating a story that parallels Nitosławska’s film. In the exhibition, as in the documentary, creative issues and autobiographical elements intertwine, forming a portrait of Carolee Schneemann and her groundbreaking achievements, which helped to shape the restless and questioning course of contemporary art around the world.

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Carolee Schneemann. LIFE BOOK

Carolee Schneemann

Marielle Nitoslawska (concept), Piotr Krajewski, Viola Kutlubasis-Krajewska