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The Hermitage Amsterdam is to end its stay on Nieuwe Herengracht with a remarkable finale. For the first time ever all the works by Caspar David Friedrich from the collection of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg will be loaned for a special exhibition focusing on this renowned German artist. His paintings and drawings are at the centre of the exhibition, but they are surrounded by works by contemporaries, predecessors and followers. They all present aspects of the Romantic landscape and illustrate the special ties between these painters , with Friedrich at the fore, and Tsar Nicholas I. Particularly noteworthy are the watercolours by Carl Fohr, which have not been shown or published before and were discovered during the preparations for this exhibition, the last to be held in the Neerlandia building. Afterwards the Hermitage Amsterdam will move to the adjacent Amstelhof. This second phase will open before the summer of 2009. The present premises will be converted into the Hermitage for Children.

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Caspar David Friedrich und die deutsche romantische Lanschaft