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Opening: Friday, 20.02.2008, 8pm

The CAT (Contemporary Art Terrorism) group from Novosibirsk creates situations in public space that lay bare the absurdity of the way in which political power functions. Unprepared passers-by are drawn into the process of creating a critical artistic statement. For organizing a May Day 'monstration' – the counterpart to a classical May Day demonstration – the artists were sentenced to a fine. The exhibition Monstration shows video works and documents of this and other actions and reflects the public reaction by legal documents and mass media reviews.

The exhibition runs: 21.02.-29.03.2009 Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays 2-6pm and by appointment Also open: Friday 27.02, and Friday, 27.03., 8-11pm

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CAT: Monstration

CAT  (Contemporary Art Terrorism)