press release

"I'm reluctant to say I want to capture the sensation of sex, but in a way, I want to transcribe the feeling of heat inside your body, inside your mouth, the feeling of skin on skin, and flesh and grasping, The subject is perfect for painting; painting is a metaphor for sex. So I want it caressing; I want it brutal and tender and everything at once." (Cecily Brown)

Cecily Brown's paintings shift between abstraction and figuration, like Chinese puzzles. The artist means this as a kind of offer to the viewer. If she or he chooses to accept, the abstract colour lattice will eventually resolve itself into male and female figures or couples engaged in sex. Thus, the figures are not determined by the artist but rather co-developed by the viewer.

The works often hark back to the gestural forms of Abstract Expressionism. As abstracts, they radiate a sensuality hitherto unknown to this kind of art.

Cecily Brown was born in London 1969. She has been living and working in New York since the mid 1990s. Days of Heaven is her first solo exhibition in Germany. A catalogue is to be published, with 13 colour illustrations and a text by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen. Pressetext

Cecily Brown - Days of Heaven