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CCA Kitakyushu Project Gallery presented a new work by Cerith Wyn Evans, who lives and works in London.

In his project at CCA, Wyn Evans employs a telescope, the device which can make remote viewing possible. By looking through it, you could see an object far away by making it larger and nearer. Without the device, however, the object becomes invisible and far away again. Here he is reflecting and interrogating the meaning of visibility, and also our notion of space and time, as all of these might never be defined or completed without including thoughts on interstitial space. Wyn Evans quotes the text from La Jetee, a film by Chris Marker:

later on they are in a garden, he remembers there are gardens. They walk in the park and come across a display showing a section cut through the trunk of a giant Sequoia tree. They study its rings of growth marked with historical dates, she pronounces an English word he doesnt understand. He indicates a point in space outside the circumference of the tree trunk, and, - as if in a dream hears himself say: This, is where I come from

Cerith Wyn Evans stayed at CCA Kitakyushu as Professor of Research Program from March 2nd to April 2nd, 2007.

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Cerith Wyn Evans
Remote Viewing
Scenario: Something like a film in real-time for one person